Saturday, 13 June 2015


A story recently broke out that a 47 year old man enticed two young girls with a Ksh 5 biscuit and defiled them in Mororo, Tanariver county. My oh my! This raised so many questions. First, few details have been provided surrounding the incident. For example, did the girls know this man who defiled them? And if not, then what were the children doing unsupervised long enough to be lured and abused?

These cases of child abuse are becoming as rampant as the DickSON-Nyeri incidents.  It's a reflection of a decaying society. The economy may be making an attempt to improve, but ethically, we are a diseased globe.The perverts are popping up now more than ever while parents seem to be neglecting their role of first protecting their children before providing. What happened to the days when every elder was considered a parent figure? Now they are potential sexual predators!

What angers me the most is how the media still prioritizes politics over social injustice. The story barely receives coverage in the daily newspaper, leading me to question the extent to which the media gives a care about it's audience! Honestly, as the gate keepers, the media is privileged to set the agenda for Kenya depending on how they frame a story. Yet, these sexual assault cases are merely stated but the hard news comprises of detailed political battles every now and then. Due to the M-Pesa and brown envelope journalism, the journalists have abandoned relevant news values and find themselves bound to unethical practices where political headlines dominate mainstream media.

What happened to the professional mantra of objective reporting and prioritising issues that impede positive nation building? Who is now playing the advocacy role by bringing to light stories often swept under the rag?

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