Monday, 22 June 2015


I pray to live long enough to impart iron age wisdom to my daughter. To engrave in her palms the value of recognizing ones self worth. I wish to extricate her from the grasp of an insecure society that chooses to stamp the label, 'imperfection'  on whomever dares to deviate in an attempt to defend their individuality. the silence that was once mistaken for submission will reflect dignified consent from the other sex.
When she sees a slim lady on TV, she won't develop a blank stare of pain, deeming herself as flabby but rather curvy. She will grow to learn that hazel eyes don't draw attention fastest but rather the mastery of ideals that add on to the pool of knowledge. Blond silk hair will not raise the value of a woman or the shape of her butt. Light skinned women will not be fetching higher ranking on the 'she's hot' radar! Looks will no longer be equated to asset value.
 Meaningless talk will be intolerable to her ear because she will learn the value of time.
Once she comes into this world, I'll teach her that it is not about beating a man but playing fair in the same field. She will never experience discrimination based on her gender because the word marginalised gender will not be existing.
I will not get engulfed in paper chasing and neglect my duty as a mum, not if I can help it anyway.


  1. and remind your daughter putting on thick mascara does not make your eyes pop to every man and that knowing how to drive is a necessary skill. We won't be passengers always

  2. Empower her with education. Remind her men no longer value lbeautymore than they do brains