Thursday, 18 June 2015


The thirst that MPs now depict is harsh! Following the scandalous ruling by the High court that CDF mullah would be handled by the Governors is driving these mafisi cray! Quite frankly, their defence which is clearly comes out as plain-white greediness, is that the funds can be entrusted to the MCAs since they have handled past county projects with a squeaky clean credible record of completing projects. Let's illuminate the fact that ever since CDF scheme started, more illiterate wanna-Be's aspirants have popped up, caressed our dry throats with empty promises of development, only to leave us high and dry. 

The once hopeless Dagoretti market has taken a plunge into a new low. The once pothole- infested road was a nightmare for most motorists. However, the unruly matatus still dominate the roads, utterly frustrating other motorists. The mathree drivers' arguments backing their unruliness holds water. The MP who vowed to designate bus stops during the construction of the road clearly had amnesia as he was carrying out his kifunga macho development project. By failing to provide an alternative location for the market traders has forced them to trade on the roadside causing traffic of people and cars. 

Don't get me started on the current cholera outbreak threatening to cripple the Kenyan population. My worry with this whole setting is the toxic fumes clouding the market air posing a serious heath risk to the neighboring residents and the pedestrians who stop to buy some greens on the way home. I wonder if the MP ever cruises by and rolls down his dungeon dark tinted windows to observe the state of affairs of the place he once considered home before upgrading to the good life!

But then again, that is not his problem anymore, is it? Oh no, our dear waheshimiwa are caught in a political affair of musical chairs as everyone tries to prove to be the Alpha in their respective political parties. Why do we make the same mistake and contract selective amnesia when the time to vote approaches? 

It's about time Kenyans start making wise decisions on who they hand their vote too or tears and whining will be our tune until the ends of days.

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  1. quite a passionate activist. We should be seeing more youth engaging in the fight for social justice! keep up